Workshops and Summer Camps for High School Students

Learning to Deliver the News

SIU teams up with the IBA and IBF to create tomorrow's broadcasters and movie producers today!  SIUC hosts camps each summer for high school juniors and seniors wishing to explore a career in either news or movie production.  

Fifteen students come together from schools throughout Illinois for a chance to write, produce, direct and star in the evening news from the studio of WSIU-TV.  They learn to write stories by conducting interviews at activities going on in Southern Illinois.  Other students learn to operate the camera and capture the story as it unfolds during the interview.  Student videographers also capture footage that will be used with the interview to create a TV package that will air on the newscast.  Each students gets to experience the news from the writing desk, out in the field, sitting in the edit booth, behind the camera, or in front of the camera as a news anchor.

This five day camp requires a small registration fee and all other expenses are covered in thanks to a generous grant fromt he Illinois Broadcasters Foundation and with support from the Illinois Broadcasters Association. For more information, contact SIU Summer Camps or the College of Mass Media and Communication Arts.

Girls Making Movies

Girls from Illinois high schools get the chance to make their own movie on the campus of SIU.  Armed with an idea and a camera, these high school girls set out to explore a career in movie making.  Under the guidance of SIU graduate students, girls learn to write their own story boards, shoot video, edit the video, and put it all together into their very first movie production.  

The camp is limited to fifiteen girls and as in the News Camp, girls are responsible for a small registration fee.  The balance of the expenses are paid for by a grant fromt he IBF with support from the IBA.




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